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Overclocked is a 2D Platformer created for the Virtus Community Game Jam.

Although our game is only a prototype, the story and visuals and reference for what a future bug-free build could look like.

The plot is as follows:

Naomi,(Protagonist), Works at a Lab, testing inventions for a Professor.

So far,  she has been lucky, all the Inventions tested have worked successfully. However,  once she was called down to the lab to test a time-warping backpack, it failed,  resulting in Naomi being sent to a random point in time. Now she has to work her way up back to her present-day.

Made By Isaac (Zacoriot) and Dec (DecThe64th)

We are aware of the following issues -

- The Game Over screen lasts a moderately large amount of time.

- You cannot kill any enemies.

- The enemies do a considerably large amount of damage and knockback.

Install instructions

1. Download (duhh)

2. Open the file

3. Extract (Optional)

4. Open the executable. (Anti-Virus software may mistake it for a virus, we can promise you that it is not,  so do please not be afraid to open it.)

5. Play! (There is only one level and no main menu)

(6). If it doesn't work try looking up the error or comment it and we will try to figure it out :D

Made by Isaac ( Zacoriot ) and Dec ( DecThe64th ).


OverclockedGame 406 MB

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