Update #1 - Game Jam Over!

Although the Jam the game was originally submitted for is over, we are still going to work on, and publicly release the game! Zacoriot, Lead Programmer is fixing the obvious bugs, making the game unplayable and boring to play. Our intent was to not make the game unplayable, that was simply there due to time constraints. All the features were initially proposed to being added, but ^^^ Short time is inevitable.

Packaging errors occurred throughout, Meaning we had to reprogram the game. Luckily, assets were intact. In a nutshell, that 30 days of work was re-done in a mere 3 hours. You can see here why it has so many bugs. I will be working on Levels and Assets for a publicly available DEMO.

The full game will be released in 2018. I hope some of you from the jam are looking forward to following our progress, we are first-time developers, so we have a-lot to learn and make for the game.

Post Update, ( Virtus has given us permission to work and publish the game despite being made for the Jam )

Get Overclocked: A Tale of Time

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